Dramatic images of Trish Ryan's fall at Ballindenisk

Irish event rider, Patricia Ryan, suffered a dramatic fall at Ballindenisk in the CCI** and walked away with minor injuries thanks to her Hit-Air vest. Her equine partner Kilpipe Jewel was also thankfully uninjured.

After having a rotational fall at Ballindenisk CCI** Patricia Ryan believes that her Hit-Air vest has proved its worth. “The horse I was riding is very capable and honest and it just goes to prove that whatever horse you are riding, you can take a fall. The fall at Ballindenisk was a nasty one but the vest saved me from serious injury. I have been wearing my Hit-Air for over 3 years but it has now proved it's worth. I didn't hear or feel it go off but I managed to walk away with no neck or upper body pain whatsoever and only a pair of sore knees!”

It wasn’t just Patricia that was impressed. Photographer Dave Sheridan captured the sequence on camera and was astounded at the happenings. "The photographs show the height and distance Patrica travelled before slamming into the ground face down and at full stretch. What they can't really convey is the violence or the speed involved. Patricia had absolutely no chance to brace herself before impact, so her helmet and vest were crucial. I'm very glad I didn't witness a far more serious outcome."

"While Patricia was being checked over in the ambulance I gathered up her vest, helmet, crop, etc. Her inflated vest felt like a piece of armour and I remarked my daughter would be wearing an air-vest next time she did a hunter trial. A nearby spectator chimed in he wouldn't dream of riding an event without one. Everyone who witnessed her fall was incredibly relieved and in no doubt Patricia's air vest had more than justified itself. "

To view the images please visit our Facebook page by clicking here. We are very pleased to hear that both Patricia and Kilpipe Jewel were unharmed in this fall.

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