Hit-air customers do the talking....

Jo Beavis - A Pony Club Mum!

Just a quick note to say how fantastic the Hit Air vests are!! Hari aged 12 and Georgie aged 10 both wore them this morning for the first time. They are easy to use and very comfortable to wear, I had no objections from the girls at having to wear another layer, which in itself is remarkable, they have quite strong views at their age!!! The extra confidence it gave the girls was obvious, even at the very low levels that they are competing at. here they are with vests on! (Pictures to follow)

Julia Walton (Laurens Mum)

 My daughter fell off for the first time in her air vest yesterday. Instead of the usual tears, she said she felt like she bounced. Just had to let you know! My husband is a pilot, has never ridden and hates risks. He thinks it’s the best think we have ever bought!

Fi Charman

Many thanks again for letting me try before I buy – a good strategy as I probably would have never ended up buying one because I thought it would be cumbersome and uncomfortable and in reality I actually forgot I had it on!

Cordelia Johnson Gilbert

"The Hit Air Vest is really light. I don't notice I am wearing it and it makes me feel more confident cross country as I know that if I did fall off, it wouldn't hurt as much!"

L G Ferguson

My young horse, Leo, is an extremely sharp, athletic little chap and has the ability to move in any direction, at great speed, at any moment! We are just starting to go out and compete and the Hit air Air vest has enabled me to wear the protection I need in a comfortable, unrestricted way without the bulk of other similar products on the market. For Show Jumping I wear the vest without a body protector underneath and, against my black show jacket, it is discrete and doesn't cause me to over heat like a normal body protector does. I am recommending it to all my riding friends, particularly those who are more nervous, because it does boost your confidence knowing you are less likely to have a serious injury whilst wearing a Hit-air vest.

Georgie Bell

With regards to the air jacket its great! Its light weight and not bulky, I don't even notice I have it on! I am yet to experience it inflate but I like the fact that it expands outwards rather than underneath like the point to (if you no what I mean). With regards to colour I'm a pink freak but it sets my xc look off a treat! You can still see my skins and it goes well with the black stars.

Sam Davis

Oh my god! I just christianed my air vest!  My horse tripped over a practice fence at Tweeseldown and sent me hurtling over the fence.  I will not ride without my hit-air ver again.

Mrs Scott

I have never worn any protection out riding before and had never heard of air vests until reading the article in the BHS magazine.  After a lot of research as they are not cheap my family joined together and bought my vest.

I am 65 and I now ride out everyday feeling I have the maximum protection todays technology allows.  My family are a bit happier too.   


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