Sam Watson, 4* Event Rider and Eventing Diarist

‘Until I saw the Hit Air I had no desire to ride in an air jacket. However, the Hit Air is so light and unobtrusive that I literally don't realise that I'm wearing it. Once I knew that it wouldn't hinder my performance, I initially rode in it for my family and those around me....I'm a young man who takes risks, that's why I love Eventing, but I know that the Hit Air could save me from a serious or even fatal injury. I owe it to my support team to be as safe as possible, and with the Hit Air there is absolutely no compromise on my performance in the saddle. From a business point of view I simply can't afford to be out of action either. A broken collarbone means horses being taken away, I don't know which would be more painful! Having ridden in the Hit Air for a few months I now wouldn't go without one. Thanfully I have only had a minor fall, but the usual 'morning after' stiff neck and bruised ribs weren't an issue. I was shocked by the extra protection from the Hit Air and how much it cushioned the fall. I was taught to 'fall properly' from an early age which basically means don't use your hands to break the fall, and then roll away. Although this means no broken wrists, I almost always wake up with a sore neck and shoulders, the principle area of impact. The Hit Air completely absorbed the impact and I never felt a thing. I think that falls have a serious element of luck involved. Some horrible looking falls can be relatively minor in terms of rider injury and visa versa. The only certainty I know is that I never want to fall without my Hit Air again...there's too much at stake!’

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We will be tracking Sam down to do some signings for us at Badminton this year and we'll keep you posted on Facebook.


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