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how does the system work?

  • the air vest is worn over your outside layer
  • it can be adjusted to fit neatly and unobtrusively over changing layers of clothes
  • a lanyard is attached securely underneath the seat
  • the lanyard is plugged into the vest when seated
  • the inflation is activated when the motorcyclist becomes detached from the bike and the lanyard is pulled from the key ball mechanism
  • this pierces the CO2 canister and inflates the vest

how does the air vest deflate again?

  • the vest has a valve which allows the air vest to slowly deflate after it has inflated
  • the deflation process can be speeded up significantly by unscrewing the canister
  • the vest is re-usable
  • the canister simply needs to be replaced once the vest has been inflated

do I need a new vest once it has been inflated?

  • the vest is re-usable
  • the canister simply needs to be replaced once the vest has been inflated does the vest need to be serviced?
  • servicing is recommended annually or after a heavy impact. Please contact us directly on 0845 894 2868 to arrange servicing.
  • the air vest will need to be sent (without a canister) to Hit-air Servicing, Poyle Farm, Poyle Road, Tongham, GU10 1BS

how do I fit my Hit-Air vest?

  • clever internal straps allow the vest to be worn neatly over changing layers of clothes
  • adjust to fit two fingers down the front of the lower strap
  • the vest needs to reach down to be at least two inches above the coccyx
  • please do not hesitate to call 0845 894 2868 at anytime for advise on sizing or any further information

have all Hit-air vests been tested?

  • Hit-air vests have been tested by certified test houses in Europe
  • they have undergone independent testing by many police forces across the world
  • the airbag within each individual air vest is inflated twice within the production process

will I receive instructions with my air vest?

  • detailed operating instructions will be sent in the parcel with your vest. Please read carefully before wearing the vest.

They include:

  • how to attach the lanyard
  • changing the canister following activation
  • cleaning and care instructions
  • servicing recommendations

where can I obtain replacement canisters?

  • Please visit the shop. All new model Hit-air motorcycle vests take the 60cc canister

otherwise call us on 0845 894 2868 to order.

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